Ellie Stapleford

Ellie Stapleford

Property Associate

Vibrant, energetic and thoroughly engaging is the best way to describe Ellie. As our receptionist the warm, happy vibe that Ellie exudes can only make one feel at ease.  As a driven fitness freak, Ellie uses all her skills to balance her role with us along with that of being mum to some equally bubbly youngsters.

It’s incredible to think that with all of the demands on her time,, Ellie still finds time to devote to her favourite hobby … creative ballooning.  To many, this would seem a bit unusual … a little left of centre … maybe just plain weird, but nevertheless for Ellie it’s a beautiful, peaceful way of life that helps keep her centred. Engage with her on the topic and she will swiftly bring forth an incredible display of her skills and artwork in just a few cheek-filled puffs. 

First up she does the ball, then the small ball followed by a bigger ball, a soccer ball, a basketball then there’s the tennis ball, the ping pong ball, the bowling ball, not to forget the snooker ball, the volleyball and lastly an unusual spherical shaped one that Ellie simply calls ‘orb’. Hmmmmmm.

Funny girl …