Katie Sexton-Bate

Katie Sexton-Bate

Property Manager | Leasing Agent


Katie is a tremendously polite, joyful young lady who delivers a wonderful degree of youthful enthusiasm to our team. Katie has developed a wonderful all-round understanding of real estate and is a valuable asset to our business as she performs the role of Property Manager.

A together and vibrant individual one might expect that Katie would be drawn to exciting leisure time pursuits like 4 wheel driving, mountain climbing or bungee jumping … so when she dropped the word ‘noodling’ into a conversation one day, it begged the question.

Seems noodling is a ‘thing’ and it’s captured Katie’s eye. Squelching about in mud and slush up to the neck while tickling the under belly of fish before capturing it bare handed… well, maybe it’s not for everyone. More remarkable is what Katie does with the fish once she catches it!

That’s a whole other story that you need to hear direct from Katie but we can tell you it involves a unicycle, a feather and a tutu. Yep … one wonders.