The Privacy Act 1998 regulates the collection and use, disclosure and maintenance of personal information collected by (Real Estate Agents) from people attending Open for Inspections.

It is a condition of entry that before entering this property you must give your name and current telephone number to the Agency’s representative.  In addition, you also may give your email address.

This information is collected for the following reasons:

  1. security reasons;
  2. if you are a prospective or current landlord and you want us to manage your property, then we will collect personal information from you in order to identify you and the property;
  3. if you are a prospective or current tenant and/or you inspect any rental property, then we will collect personal information from you when you attend the property inspection; and
  4. if you are a prospective or current tenant and you want to rent a property, then we will collect personal information from you, usually at the rental application stage from the rental application and supporting documentation that you supply. If you are the successful tenant then we may also collect personal information from you during the continuation of any tenancy or lease agreement with the landlord.

All personal information we collect is held electronically and in hard copy in our office in a secure manner.  It will only be used for the purposes noted above and will not be disclosed to any third party or recipients in other countries without your written permission, unless required by law.  However, we are not liable for any unauthorised access of this information.

How your personal information may be used

We may collect and disclose your personal information for the following purposes including:

  1. to identify and/or verify the identity of any prospective or actual landlord or tenant for any property we manage or propose to manage;
  2. to process and assess any application received in relation to a tenancy or lease of any property;
  3. to advertise, market and promote any tenancy or lease of any property;
  4. to negotiate and prepare any tenancy agreement, lease or any other document for any property;
  5. to liaise and exchange information with the landlord or the tenant as well as their agents, contractors, legal, financial and other advisors in relation to or in connection with any tenancy or lease of the property;
  6. to manage any tenancy or lease agreement including the collection of rent and other amounts on behalf of the landlord and the preparation of required statements of account;
  7. to ensure the safety and security of landlords and existing occupiers and of each of their property in connection with the inspection of any property by prospective tenants;
  8. to provide your insurer with information relating to or connected with any property;
  9. to comply with any applicable law in connection with the tenancy agreement or lease;
  10. to confirm whether the landlord or tenant is registered for GST purposes;
  11. to tell you about any other rental property that we are managing or any other service that we provide, unless you tell us not to (this is referred to as direct marketing);

You have the right to view the information collected about you, the right to correct the information if it is not accurate, up to date or complete.  Should you ask us to remove your information from our records we will do so securely.

If you want to obtain more information about our Privacy Policy, a copy is on our website or you may contact our office on 02 4990 7000 or email