Jade Jones

Jade Jones

Property Associate

Jade loves looking after a property portfolio for her clients. All the little things that have a bearing on a client’s property naturally come under Jade’s focus but … it’s all the other bits, the less obvious, that Jade identifies and addresses without fanfare that let you know she is ‘a cut above’ the average property manager. 

Having a genuine, friendly nature but with a steely resolve, means property owners and tenants alike are in good hands. Easy to talk to and readily approachable Jade is a tremendous asset and ensures our clients are very comfortable in his care.

A straw poll in our office disclosed that no one had ever heard of ‘competitive duck herding’ before Jade informed us all that it was a ‘thing’  … and she was very good at it.

Upon meeting Huey, Dewey and Ralph (yes … we wondered about that too) when Jade flew them in to work one day, everyone who saw them felt warm and fuzzy and just a little hungry.  But more impressive was the way they neatly aligned themselves in a slightly staggered way, along the wall above her desk.

Now that was pretty special to see.