Claudia King

Claudia King

Property Associate

With an extensive hospitality background, Claudia has embraced the opportunity to join our property management team where she can meld her experience and skills with the knowledge passion she holds for real estate.

As part of our property management team, Claudia provides support and assistance to ensure everything flows and is resolved without issue. As it is our role to deal with everything so that client’s don’t have to, it is great to have such a calming influence like Claudia’s as part of our crew.

A gifted swimmer from a very young age, Claudia once loved all kind of water based activities. At one stage it was no surprise that she took to platform diving with her typical gusto. Giggling with delight and a little nervous excitement in anticipation of her first attempt from the 10 metre mark, onlookers were amazed at the graceful elegance Claudia portrayed as she executed a perfect swan dive, triple lutz, backflip, demi plié and reverse knuckle jack knife before straightening in arrow like form ready for the entry.

In so many ways it was a shame the pool had been drained the day before …