Margaret Keighley

Margaret Keighley

General Manager

A former Ellalong school captain Margaret has returned home and joined our team in the role of General Manager. With years of experience, including a stint teaching Business Admin practice and Finance at Charles Darwin University, Margaret’s obsession with numbers and ‘doing things right’ ensures that our business operation is always spick ‘n’ span and orderly.

Cave diving is a passion of Margaret’s … except for the fact that she can’t swim, hates putting her head under water and is afraid of the dark. She loves a challenge and won’t give up so we expect that pretty soon she will turn up at our office dripping wet, adorned with goggles and snorkel, smiling broadly declaring … NEXT!

What my clients are saying

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12 Apr 2023

Genuine commitment

Margaret was a pleasure to do business with.  Her knowledge of the market and... Read more